Stars within reach...

A resort-like apartment

complete with LAGOON-POOLS amid your busy lifestyle.

Sky Terrace Loggon Condo has only one promise

being your enabler to achieving SUCCESS...

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Your Life Stars Here....

A Vision Ahead..
Lift Up The Stars Within You!

A heaven for your inspiration to come real, under nature's best ofer... Combining the concept of vertical Living with Gren Lifestyle. A translation of the "opening gate to your success", Sky Terace Lagoon Condo as a medium to open sky will enable you to view your 'dreams' to come true to life...

Sky Terace
Lagon Condo For Your Family

Home is the place wher character is built,
Where sacrifices to contribute to the happiness of others are made,
And where love has taken up its adobe.

(Elijah Kelogg)

A Blend of Heavenly Nature
with Modern Living

Sky Terrace Lagoon Condo is the foyer to your dream-life, Truly, a vigorous place for you and your loved one, indeed... Created with splendid architecture towers and landscape design into a mixture of modern and natural beauty for home of merely 525 eco-friendly condos. Anyone will experience a perfect balance of natural Yin & Yang. After all, you are in a Lagoon Paradise.

Design to Fit Your Urban Ctivity in Style...

Unlike the typical "Reach for the Stars" concept, we opted for different idea of success, proces when dreams of a prefect life would complement you alternately... "Stars Within Reach" is needed the prefect essence for this Sky Terrace Lagoon Condo... a dream like no other!

Your Own Lagoon Condo

A well calculated and concepted interior design, creates many spacious rooms to generate a cozy, warm and healthy living, unlike any other.

Main Facilities

1. Equiped with Resort-like Lagoon Pools, to accomodate relaxing ambience for you and family at anythime.
2. The apartments also have Health Club to Support you daily well being.
3.Completed with comfortable realaxing Sky Lounge in each tower for your kinship and bussiness meeting.

Main Facilities

Sky Terrace also prepared 18 commercialized outlets/shops on the ground level, to aids your everyday needs.

Your Own Lagoon Condo

Right here in west Jakarta

The Sky Terrace - Cafe Resto